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A true master will never let his talent fade away
Find old books in the attic and sell them, or buy them at random and then sell them. It sounds like a market, but still as an option :)) Antiquarian…

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Things open from photographer Todd McLellan (Todd McLellan)
Probably all the boys like to disassemble different devices, see what mechanisms they have, some of them can disassemble for example the camera to the last screw, I do not…

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Art and photography
One of the goals of art is to communicate people with each other and to convey realistic images of the world around them. Thanks to the artists and landscapes created…

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Madonna in the rocks. Description of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting

This picture is as mysterious and strange as the very personality of Leonardo da Vinci – an extraordinary artist, sculptor, engineer and naturalist who wrote it.

The talented Italian managed to complete only a very small number of works, but nevertheless painted two paintings under the same name, almost identical, differing only in minor details.

The authorship of Leonardo da Vinci, however, is certain, because only he could so perfectly work out such details as the angel and the head of the Madonna. Continue reading

Realistic images in art

Contemplating the paintings of contemporary artists working in the genres of surrealism, cubism, pop art, conceptualism, postmodernism, and others, one can’t help but wonder whether realistic images are necessary or avoided in art.

On the one hand, the abundance of photographs and the creation of videos can completely compensate for the lack of natural forms in painting and architecture, but on the other hand, the hyperrealism that emerged in the seventies suggests that the need for a reliable image of objects in the surrounding reality is an important and integral component of modern life. Continue reading

The image of the human body in the history of art

Visual perception of the surrounding world is undoubtedly the most important thing in a person’s life, because more than eighty percent of the information a person perceives through visual receptors.

People recognize the world through images and, to a lesser extent, through sounds, touch, smell, and taste.

Since ancient times, people have tried to display the world around them, and the most frequently repeated and most interesting object of the image is the human body. Continue reading

An allegory of Peace, Art, and Abundance. Hans von Aachen

The picture of the German artist Hans von Aachen “Allegory of Peace, Art and Abundance” is a vivid example of the complex, and sometimes contradictory, art of mannerism. Painters of that time were interested in ideas and themes of a mythological, religious, and allegorical nature.

Because scholastic ideas and ways of thinking come into contact with naive fantasies and begin their interpenetration into each other, giving rise to a special means of representation, when an abstract concept is transmitted using a real character.

Most often these are allegorical images of peace and war, love and hate, justice and discord, glory and shame portrayed as human beings. Continue reading

A true master will never let his talent fade away

Find old books in the attic and sell them, or buy them at random and then sell them. It sounds like a market, but still as an option :))

Antiquarian book

The cost of antique books starts from about 5000, the average price is about 50,000, so for example, “Bulletin of fine arts” — 45000r, and of course rare books, the price of which can reach millions of rubles, for example, the book of the first printer Ivan Fedorov, which remains a unit, so “Moscow Apostle” will cost about 3 million rubles. Continue reading

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Wooden boards from the artist Ivan hoo (Ivan Hoo)
Ivan hoo is a hyperrealist artist. Initially, Ivan Hu specialized in the portrait genre. Although some people criticize hyperrealism, allegedly for its "simplicity" in terms of transmitting a certain meaning,…


Alan Fearnley — artist who paints cars
Alan Fearnley (Alan Fearnley) is an artist who specializes in the technique of movement, more precisely on cars. On its canvases you can see luxury vintage cars, as well as…


Jurgen Gorg — Jurgen Georg) - German artist
Jurgen Gorg is a talented German artist, born in Dermbach in West Germany in 1951. Jurgen Gorg began his professional career as an artist in 1977 as both a painter…


Claudio Souza Pinto is a surrealist artist from Sao Paulo
Claudio Souza Pinto (Claudio Souza Pinto ) was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1954. At the age of four, Claudio began working in clay under the careful supervision of…