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Brief biography of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin
The man in black, a crazy artist, a hermit, and at the same time a genius sculptor. And all this about Mikhail Shemyakin. The greatest artist of our time, who…

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About Turkish art
It is believed that the first Turkish Principality was formed after the Mongol invasion of Turkish lands. After the formation of the Turkish Principality, it actively waged war with neighboring…

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Serov's Painting. rape of Europe
The ancient Greek myth of the beautiful Princess Europa, kidnapped by the Almighty Zeus, is one of the most famous. Many artists used this ancient narrative and offered various artistic,…

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Chandeliers in interior design

The chandelier in the interior is quite an important element, as it gives completeness to the entire interior design. Imagine a chic classic interior, and absolutely contradicting the interior of the chandelier. It is able to spoil the entire interior as a whole. Yes, what can I say, your room would look normal if instead of a chandelier or lamps, just a light bulb would hang on a wire. I think the viewer’s attention would immediately be focused on it. That is why you need to seriously approach the issue of choosing chandeliers.

Now there is a huge selection of chandeliers and fixtures, what is not found in the nearest store can be ordered via the Internet, and by the way it may well be much cheaper. Continue reading

Is it useful to influence the energy of paintings on a person ?

Nowadays, more and more people tend to have at home, not just a cheap copy, or “Chinese stamping of the picture”, but author’s works written in oil paints.

So why do more and more people want to see at home even a copy of the famous oil painting, but always made by hand, without the use of stamping and other technical means.

Since ancient times, people believed that images, especially paintings, have a strong energy effect on a person and his condition. Continue reading

Sand paintings. How to draw a sand picture

Sand paintings are colored sand in a bottle or other glass container, of various shapes and sizes. The creation of such paintings was widespread in the Arab countries, from there this “sand art” came to us.

Those who have been to Arab resorts are more likely to meet street artists who, literally in front of You has been creating paintings of sand. These are mostly simple forms of sand dunes with camels and pyramids, palm trees, mountains, seashore, and many other bizarre patterns and shapes. Continue reading

An essay based on a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Madonna Lita

I remember when I first saw her. It was in art history class, we were studying the Renaissance, and we finally got to its highest peak. The teacher took out the reproductions, showed them to us, and told us a story separately for each one. I remember that many people were bored, despite such a fascinating topic of the lesson: “Leonardo da Vinci. The life and work of a genius.”

No, I’m not going to tell you about his most famous painting. I was much more impressed, inspired, and awakened by the Madonna Litta. And it’s not just that I’m an artist who must be inspired by great works. No, it’s about how deep I saw in the picture and how I felt… Continue reading

Pictures of amber

Amber paintings are one of the trends in jewelry making.

Since ancient times, amber has been used for making various jewelry, amber products have always been considered quite expensive gifts. And indeed, amber literally shimmers with a variety of shades of color, yellow, red,orange, and can be either matte or transparent as a tear.

So how did amber appear in nature? Maybe someone does not know, but amber is the resin of coniferous trees frozen millions of years ago. Usually amber is found in chunks, in the form of a drop, often in the stone you can find inclusions in the form of insects. Continue reading

Paper sculptures by Jennifer Collier)
Jennifer Collier is a British artist, designer, and rather unusual sculptor. She creates sculptures of the most everyday things, phones,cameras, typewriters, bags, etc. Only all the things she makes from…


Juan Medina — the Mexican artist
Juan Medina is a contemporary Mexican artist, born in the Dominican Republic in 1948. Initially, Juan Medina specialized in painting the Nude genre, but soon, probably fed up with the…


How to sell your painting
Any novice artist, sooner or later faces the question of selling their works. Of course, if you consider just a novice artist, it is better to advise him not to…


How to send a picture to another city
Many artists, when selling their paintings, are faced with the issue of transferring the painting to the buyer. This applies to transmission over the Internet, well if the buyer lives…