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Francesco Parmigianino
The style direction of mannerism was formed by the beginning of the 1520s on the basis of the creativity of Italian painters. For the masters of mannerism, the world was…

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About Turkish art
It is believed that the first Turkish Principality was formed after the Mongol invasion of Turkish lands. After the formation of the Turkish Principality, it actively waged war with neighboring…

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Levitsky. Portrait of Khrushchev and Khovanskaya
Portrait of Ekaterina Nikolaevna Khrushcheva, in marriage von Lohmann and Princess Ekaterina Nikolaevna Khovanskaya, in marriage Neledinsky-Malecki" One thousand seven hundred seventy three State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg In the…

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Juan Medina — the Mexican artist

Juan Medina is a contemporary Mexican artist, born in the Dominican Republic in 1948. Initially, Juan Medina specialized in painting the Nude genre, but soon, probably fed up with the Nude, the artist begins to experiment with other genres and styles of painting, adding new elements to his paintings.

In his paintings, Juan Medina takes preconceived ideas about reality and turns them upside down: his works are a kind of” looking glass”, where at first glance everything is the same as in the ordinary world, but where all the most incredible things can happen. Continue reading

A crying boy. Description of the painting by Giovanni Bragolina

In General, art is a very interesting and creative business and not everyone manages to connect their life with it. Many artists convey their emotions, feelings, experiences in their paintings, and show their great talent.

Children… Many artists drew these little creatures and embodied in them the most cute and good qualities. They drew elegant features, sincere and innocent eyes, and a beautiful smile. But not all artists were like that.

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How to send a picture to another city

Many artists, when selling their paintings, are faced with the issue of transferring the painting to the buyer. This applies to transmission over the Internet, well if the buyer lives nearby and there is a possibility of meeting him, but in most cases, when selling over the Internet, Your pictures will be ordered from different cities, and even if the buyer wants to buy a painting from delivery, many artists a little scary delivery itself, particularly if the picture size is large.

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How to sell your painting

Any novice artist, sooner or later faces the question of selling their works. Of course, if you consider just a novice artist, it is better to advise him not to think about it yet, but to hone his skills in painting.

First you need to “find yourself” in painting, and then think about selling your works. Let’s say this happened, You really write interesting paintings,and are ready to share them with other connoisseurs of painting. In order to better understand how to sell your paintings on the market, you need to consider some aspects of selling paintings. Continue reading

In the blue swirl of the dance. Essay on the painting by Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas “Blue dancers”, 1897.

Another great impressionist artist Edgar Degas has chosen as its main theme of creativity, the image of the dancers. His paintings abound with images of ballerinas at various points in their work. But the artist himself has always said that depicting dancers is just an excuse to make an attempt to catch the movement of figures and depict wonderful, as if flying fabrics.

In his work, the artist has undoubtedly achieved perfection: his figures live in dance, interact with each other. Continue reading

Wooden boards from the artist Ivan hoo (Ivan Hoo)
Ivan hoo is a hyperrealist artist. Initially, Ivan Hu specialized in the portrait genre. Although some people criticize hyperrealism, allegedly for its "simplicity" in terms of transmitting a certain meaning,…


Art and photography
One of the goals of art is to communicate people with each other and to convey realistic images of the world around them. Thanks to the artists and landscapes created…


Jurgen Gorg — Jurgen Georg) - German artist
Jurgen Gorg is a talented German artist, born in Dermbach in West Germany in 1951. Jurgen Gorg began his professional career as an artist in 1977 as both a painter…


A person without a face. Essay on the painting by Vrubel
M. A. Vrubel " After the concert. By the fireplace", 1905. Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel is one of those representatives of Russian artists whose range of creativity had a huge scale.…