Jurgen Gorg — Jurgen Georg) - German artist
Jurgen Gorg is a talented German artist, born in Dermbach in West Germany in 1951. Jurgen Gorg began his professional career as an artist in 1977 as both a painter…

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About Turkish art
It is believed that the first Turkish Principality was formed after the Mongol invasion of Turkish lands. After the formation of the Turkish Principality, it actively waged war with neighboring…

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The image of the human body in the history of art
Visual perception of the surrounding world is undoubtedly the most important thing in a person's life, because more than eighty percent of the information a person perceives through visual receptors.…

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Art and photography

One of the goals of art is to communicate people with each other and to convey realistic images of the world around them.

Thanks to the artists and landscapes created by them, people could learn about different cities in Europe, different countries and different parts of our planet that are so different from their native places.

Thanks to the paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky, you could find out how different the sea can be, look at the paintings of Italian artists Antonio Canale and Francesco Guardi, feel the charm of Venice, contemplate the paintings of Peter de Hoch and Jacob van Ruisdael, and feel the peculiarities of Holland.

Directions in painting constantly changed each other, then coming to the most realistic image of reality, then making the most of the imagination and imagination of artists.

The culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, giving a beautiful realistic sculpture was replaced by the art of the middle Ages, when the human body was hidden by clothing and deliberately deformed to depersonalize and unify all Christian believers.

Then the triumph of the natural and the beautiful flared up again in the works of artists and sculptors of the Renaissance and was replaced by Classicism with strict rules and forms that were destroyed by realism and naturalism.

This measured flow and the change of one direction by another changed with the advent of photography, which made a real furor, and the idea of a quick mechanical obtaining an exact copy of the visible plunged fine art.
This new use of the camera obscura familiar to artists came as a surprise. Earlier it greatly helps the artist in creating realistic images on the canvases.

It was also used by the great Leonardo da Vinci and his compatriot Antonio Cataletto, the Dutchman Jan Vermeer, the Flemish Antonio van Dijk, the Spaniard Diego Velasquez, the Frenchman Georges de La Tour, and many others.

But previously, it was only a tool that helped the painter more accurately convey the perspective and details of complex structures.
With the advent and development of photography, the need to create an accurate realistic or even naturalistic image disappeared and passed entirely into the functions of photography.

Probably sensing this, Pablo Picasso, who created incredibly realistic drawings as a teenager, abruptly left this direction and created a new style, setting the tone for all modern art.

Thus, photography has pushed modern painting towards the avant-garde and modern artists on their canvases represent how they reinterpret reality.

From now on, the value of the image created by the artist’s hand depends on the mood and feelings of the Creator, who puts his vision of the world, perception of reality and a part of his soul into it.

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