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Trip to the open air in Gurzuf

Hello, Dear visitors of the site! My name is Natalia Shevchenko, I’m an artist. In the previous article, I have already presented several of my works to you. Today I want to share new ones. And I want to do this in order to please you and share my inspiration. After all, if a person likes the plot of the picture and its color, then the feeling of viewing remains the most pleasant. So, let’s start viewing))

The fact is that every artist strives to learn as much as possible about the direction of art that he has chosen for self-realization. We experiment, learn from more experienced masters — classics and contemporaries: we visit museums, art galleries, professional plein airs, exhibitions, and participate in them. Thus, we learn a lot of new things and use this knowledge in practice.

In order for a painting(whether it’s a sketch from nature or a finished work made in a workshop) to turn out picturesque, you need inspiration! The best way to “catch the Muse by the tail” is to travel. The artist chooses where he will make the trip, if possible and for the purpose set. You can go to the open air in a neighboring city, go to the mountains, to the sea, to other countries. Of course, if you have such a great opportunity;)

This spring, I was lucky enough to travel to the Crimea. An incredible number of stories can be collected in such a journey, which I did. In the village of Gurzuf, which for two centuries has been known for its appeal to people of creativity, a professional plein air was held, in which I took part.

The event itself provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of many talented artists from different cities of Russia. Each of the masters is happy to talk about their creative search, share their experience, and it’s just nice to communicate with colleagues, who can be found in Gurzuf almost at every step. Of course, the atmosphere of freedom and creativity, like Gurzufsky, contributes to a pleasant and useful pastime.

I am particularly impressed with the sea! Even at the beginning of my career, I admired Aivazovsky’s paintings and wanted to depict only the sea on canvas!)) After all, water, in any state, fascinates with the uniqueness of the movement and shades of color in the sunlight.

And the way the water surface reflects the world around it, undoubtedly inspires immediate work from nature. Several sketches that you will see now are made at the boat station in Gurzuf, near which there is a Museum — dacha of Chekhov.

This dacha was purchased by the great playwright in the quiet, picturesque Gurzuf, because Yalta seemed to him noisy and crowded. Chekhov’s dacha inspired many artists, including Aivazovsky; writers and poets, such as Mayakovsky, Zabolotsky, M. Dudin, E. rein; as well as musicians and actors. Films about Pushkin and Chekhov were made in Chekhov Bay.

Morning lighting of rocks and sea surface, the cry of gulls and a little sleepy activity of fishermen, created a special mood for writing this etude. Choosing a place to work, I disassembled the sketchbook, put the canvas and prepared a palette…work on the sketch began.

While working, by the way, all unnecessary thoughts disappear and only the perception of the part of nature that you want to capture remains. Ask any artist and they will tell you that in such a place you experience a feeling of complete peace — only you and nature!
Gradually, the sunlight covers more and more space, the shadows become shorter, the water gets a greenish hue and bright flashes of sunlight on the edges of the waves that break the morning calm. The sea, people, seagulls-everything comes to life! Everything is filled with energy and the salty sea air heals the body and soul.


When dusk comes, gradually replaced by night coolness, the deep blue of the night sky mixes with the sea surface of the water, blurring the horizon line. The brightness of the illumination of the embankment And streets, lit by cozy, yellow light of lanterns, invite you to take a walk through the night Gurzuf.

This sketch shows a view of the Bay, which opens from Leningradskaya street, where I lived in one of the apartments, courtesy of local residents. I want to say that the residents of Gurzuf are very hospitable, polite and sincerely interested in art.


Based on my impression of the trip to Gurzuf, I wrote a poem that can be read below. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that my work will lift your mood, if necessary, and inspire you to do something good. You may want to take a trip or visit an exhibition of paintings. I sincerely wish you good luck, new wonderful experiences and joy!

Ultramarine sky blue,
The contrasting flutter of cypress trees,
And the sea is a silvery wave.
The whole city is permeated with creativity!

Cozy streets, a tangled motif,
Old paving and a cat on the roof.
And the warm light of the artist’s eyes,
Communication at the level of the soul and thoughts.

Here generations of creators grew up,
Bathed in the mystery of peace.
After all, it has the courage to be —
A life-giving and powerful idea!

Gurzuf-you are the city of magic,
The abode of the sunlight.
Gurzuf the truth is simple,
That creativity is not ” somewhere»,
But the one that lives in the soul!

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