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How to sell your painting

Any novice artist, sooner or later faces the question of selling their works. Of course, if you consider just a novice artist, it is better to advise him not to think about it yet, but to hone his skills in painting.

First you need to “find yourself” in painting, and then think about selling your works. Let’s say this happened, You really write interesting paintings,and are ready to share them with other connoisseurs of painting. In order to better understand how to sell your paintings on the market, you need to consider some aspects of selling paintings.

Of course, painting is an art, and most artists are creative people, but selling is a completely different craft, it is a business,and if you want to succeed in this direction, it is better to approach this process pragmatically, the main thing now is for You to sell as much as possible, even if not too good work.

In history, there are many examples of how world masterpieces were bought for a penny, and paintings whose main goal was to draw and sell faster were sold for a lot of money.
If we consider the biography and work of famous artists, then there is a complete flight, otherwise you can not say.

For example, Munch’s “Scream” was sold at auction for $ 120 million, although during his lifetime Munch was quite poor, and this money was clearly not enough for him :))


Or Vincent van Gogh, who sold only one painting during his lifetime, and ended his life by suicide in a clinic for the mentally ill, while his paintings, thanks to good sellers, were sold for a lot of money.

So, as you can see from the story, writing a good picture and selling it are very different things.

For what price to sell the painting ?

With the question of price, you need to decide in advance, many novice artists sell their paintings very cheap, this is wrong! Of course, you can try to set a ridiculous price ( to pay off the costs and a little enough for beer :), but then you will realize that it is much easier to earn yourself for this same beer by handing out leaflets or painting a fence. It turns out that you do not earn money, but you simply ruin your creativity.

Of course, you can try to work 8-10 hours a day and stamp pictures, thereby earning a little more than a beer, but that’s exactly the artist you destroy in yourself, since the main thing for You will be faster to draw and sell. Before doing this, it is better to study marketing, then You can sell your stamps more expensive, which significantly saves time and effort.


So how does the price of work add up ?

Usually, the price of a picture is made up of factors such as the cost of work, plus the time it takes to create a picture. Calculate approximately how much time You spent on creating a picture, and how much money you would like to receive for your work per hour, add up the costs and time and get an approximate price. Remember that an hour of painting the fence is estimated to be much cheaper than an hour spent on creativity.

Of course, it is also not necessary to declare crazy prices for your paintings. when setting the price, take into account the target audience and its purchasing power. Approximately the cost of the picture should be equal to 1-5 of the average salary. For example, if the average income in Your city is 20000r, then the price of the picture should be 15000-70000r.
Remember, this does not apply to everyday goods, and at all times they were quite expensive!

Where to sell paintings ?

You can contact art dealers in art salons. The dealer takes a Commission, but you save your time. You can try it yourself, especially if you live in a city where there are many attractions, then you can try to sell your works by putting them in some public place (preferably near a famous landmark in the city) or simply offering to passers-by people on the street. But this method is not very good, since it takes a lot of time and if you trade without permission, you may also be charged a fine :((


Now a lot is sold and bought on the Internet, this also applies to paintings. There are many online stores of oil paintings, where you just need to register and exhibit your work, if you can skillfully make copies of works by famous artists, you can also find an online store of paintings, which will have a section selling and ordering copies of paintings. Since today, many people use copies of paintings by famous artists in interior design. Of course, you can buy a photo of the painting, but you will agree that no photo will convey the beauty and aesthetics of oil painting.

If you have experience in creating websites or blogs, you can make a portfolio site, but you need to work hard on it to make Your site visited, and this is a completely different topic.

If you have no experience in creating websites, but you want to create your own portfolio, you can use the SKOZ service, where You can easily and intuitively create a portfolio for yourself.

For beginners, I would advise you to register on various Bulletin boards,there are many of them on the Internet, at least Avito.
There are also a large number of art galleries where you can sell your paintings. http://in.gallerix.ru/

Place your work on various sites, try to negotiate with art dealers, and if You have a lot of paintings, you can try to arrange an exhibition, first it is better to get to the exhibition, where many authors are represented, then you can arrange your own personal one. To do this, you need to communicate more with artists, you can join a Union of artists.

Try and experiment and you will succeed!

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